For the Love of Cupcakes

When I was a little girl, my mother would walk me home from preschool everyday, and, on a special occasion, which could be a Wednesday, a birthday, or a really sunny day, mom would stop in to a local bakery to  buy us cupcakes.  I would grab that beautiful frosting crowned cake in my hand and lick the frosting all around the edges.  I kept the cake in its beautiful striped wrapper and then ate the cake bite after bite, after bite, enjoying every little morsel of yellow butter cake goodness.

Growing up, months went by without cake, then years, and, finally I decided too long had gone by, so, one day I pulled over to a cupcake shop, the latest rage all along the East Coast, where I live.

I stood in line and anxiously awaited that first bite of yellow butter cake goodness.  Over the years cupcakes have changed.  Vanilla and chocolate and the occasional toasted almond has become peanut butter chocolate and key lime pie, raspberry dark chocolate and salted caramel. It took me two seconds to make my choice: salted caramel.

Two bites into that sweet and savory luscious oh my goodness cake from heaven and I realized what my mistake had been all along.  There is no need for a special occasion to eat a cupcake, because there will always be a day when you just want one. 


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