The Inevitable Binge

Many times I read about the many people who suffer from bingeing.  I am not a clinician. I am not a doctor. I do know that when we steadily deprive ourselves of food the worst happens, the bingeing, the starvation.  Although you may be feeding yourself lots of “healthy” food, the first time you allow yourself to actually have cookies you just might eat an entire box. And, you cannot beat yourself up for that, because let’s face it, you are in drought mode and there aren’t too many bottles of water in the world.

Although many people binge due to other issues, such as eating disorders, many, many people “binge” because they are so sick and tired of depriving themselves of food that they just let go and eat, and eat, and eat.  While this is DEFINITELY not a clinical opinion, I see it happen all the time around me.  I have seen people who are so sick of a healthy “diet” that they eat half a tray of brownies after a month of no desserts.  I have seen women restrict themselves so much with food that they “indulge” before their “diet” “starts” which is ridiculous because you are setting yourself up for failure.  Tomorrow starts the (cruise) (wedding)(beach)(summer)(pre-holiday)(post-holiday) diet.  Today is the last supper.  Anyone who thinks that tonight may be the last time they eat will eat, and eat, and eat.

So, maybe, (and maybe I’m wrong) but maybe if we just feed our bodies what they want then we won’t face these inevitable binges.  Maybe, just maybe, if we allow ourselves a dessert occasionally, or a cookie here and there, and realize we should not “diet” but follow the amazing advice of Intuitive Eating and listen to our bodies, then just maybe we will not binge.  If tonight is not the last supper, perhaps you can save some for tomorrow.


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