I Don’t Feel Good

In a world where we are constantly reminded to eat blueberries for antioxidants, dairy for calcium, omega-3s for good fats, yogurt for probiotics, and fruits and veggies for fruits and nutrients, it is easy to assume that what you are eating (or not eating) is to blame when you do not feel well.

And, although sometimes it is true that you’ve had too much of nothing but cheese and grease, other times that you don’t feel right, ask yourself if any of these or a combination of these might be the cause:

  • not enough sleep?
  • need some activity?
  • too much stress?
  • caught a bug?

Making your diet your first and only line of attack when you don’t feel well gives you too much reason to believe that food is the be all, end all of health.  If you have been eating relatively okay your problems might be related to something that is not food-related at all.  So, eat your veggies. Drink some low-fat dairy.  But, also, also, get some sleep.  Relax, and go on a long walk.  Smile.  Sometimes laughter truly can be the best medicine.




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