In all seriousness…

Some months ago, while I was developing the idea for this blog and tossing other ideas around in my head, it came to my attention that blogs existed where women (and men) celebrate the few calories they consume each day.  These people, who clearly suffer from horrific eating disorders, are proud to eat well below the required amount of calories for human function each day, every single freaking day.

To be clear, girl eat stands firmly against the proposition that the amount we eat determines our self worth, that our weight in any way defines our value in the world.  And, also, What the F— is this about? Seriously? Really? People are writing blogs about how they can survive on less than a few hundred calories A DAY? I eat more than that for breakfast and I am at a “healthy weight.”  I say that to say to everyone, all of you, everywhere, that starving is not the answer.  Being hungry and tired is not the solution.  Fitting into a size zero or some super skinny jeans is not worth hurting your body and your mind.

Starvation has dire consequences, today and in the long run.  “Beauty” wise, you can start losing your hair, drying your skin, killing your metabolism so that when you do start eating your body struggles to use the food efficiently, and watering down your muscles.  “Health” wise you can give yourself a heart attack, stroke, or a digestive disorder that might last a lifetime.  You can also cause vision problems, attention and focus deficits, and thyroid conditions.  You can terrify your friends, family and yourself.  You can lose energy and lose your life in the process.  Getting a glass of water can become difficult.

This blog was created to celebrate food and eating and life.  This blog is here to show the world that eating is not evil, that food fulfills many wonderful human needs and that there are no “good” and “evil” foods.  Listening to your body and eating to feed your body and soul can lead you to a beautiful place, where hurting yourself is not part of the equation.  It’s time for the world to speak up and rise against the eating disorder; it’s time for all of us to fight back against these illnesses, together, one meal at a time.  That is why girl eat was born.

To the men and women that write these “pro-Ana” or “starvation” or “celebration of oh I only ate two hundred calories today” blogs I say get help, please.  Stop hurting yourselves and do not send the message to others, impressionable girls and boys, men and women, that not eating is the right path, that starvation is a desirable goal, that losing five pounds will make them better people.  Remember there is nothing more beautiful than being healthy, and eating only two hundred calories a day is definitely not healthy.


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