Life is short…right?

Every once in a while for no particular reason at all it hits me out of the blue: life is short…right?  There are a million food blogs out there, and now a million and one, and counting.  I’m not judging anyone’s blog here at all.  I think having these blogs on the internet opens our eyes to foods we never thought about eating and helps encourage us to be healthier, but are we so focused on healthy sometimes that we forget to live?

This year my father turned seventy-two.  My mom is about to turn sixty-one.  I am turning thirty-three years old this year.

9-11 happened almost ten years ago. Most of my friends have children or are planning for children now.  . I have only one single friend.  Today, my fiancee’s little sister is bringing a new life into the world.

Time references like these, among others, hit me to the core every now and then, every once in a blue moon and I wonder to myself, life is short, right? And, what is the point of all this? In these lives we lead there are so many memorable moments, from births to graduations to marriages, and all along we should be enjoying ourselves, a little, a lot, enjoying life. When our world becomes overwhelmed with fat content, calories, sugars, refined or otherwise, protein powder dilemmas, and counting veggie servings I think we lose sight of what is really important.  Now, don’t get me wrong. Health is definitely important, and being careful about what we feed our bodies is a top priority.  Gorging on HoHos and DingDongs because they taste good is not a hot idea, but, we also should not lose sight of the other things, a bright sunny day, driving with the windows down and the music turned up, nights out with the girls, painting our nails, a great workout, a fabulous vacation, because we are too busy being unhappy with ourselves or too busy analyzing and counting everything we eat and drink. How many of these moments do we miss when we are busy counting calories, or weighing food, or measuring granola?  I’m no expert but it seems to me that regular visits to the doctor for check-ups and a balanced diet coupled with some exercise and activity are the basic formula for a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe counting so much keeps us from enjoying all the little things. And, God forbid the count is off or you’ve gone over your count. That’s way too much pressure.  Why not eat what our bodies want, until we are full; would that be so bad?  How much of our lives could we get back?  After all, life is short, right?


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