Welcome to girl eat!

My journey started many years ago when I demonized food and made myself believe that I could always be thinner and thinner equaled better, better look, better friends, better life.  After many years of dieting,  bowls of food that never rocked my world, and always wanting a grilled cheese sandwich (and nothing else in my life) I reinvented myself, food first.  This blog traces my journey and my life now, a life I never imagined could be mine.

I am an intuitive eater. I eat when my body is hungry, until I am full, sometimes happily overfull. I enjoy ice cream and ravioli and all the other foods that were on my NO list before. I also enjoy broccoli, and now I actually enjoy eating it.  Enjoying food and satisfying my cravings has made me enjoy food again, and life, and that has been the most rewarding part of my journey.  Join me, as I enjoy food and enjoy life, and enjoy yours, too!


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